We'll Help You Transform Your Home Into an All-Electric, Climate-Friendly Oasis So That Your Children Can Live In a Safer World


I wonder if this describes you. You want to do your part to fight climate change, you just don't know were to start. You fully understand that your actions today (or lack of actions) are going to have huge negative impacts on your children's quality of life in years to come, and you feel terribly guilty about that.

You're angry at the politicians and business leaders for not doing more, and yet deep down inside, you know that a lot of this is on you.

You are not doing enough either, and it's way past time you started doing your part. But again, What can any one person do?

Well, allow me to offer some clarity.

24% of greenhouse emissions come from the generation of electricity. About 15% more come from the gasoline we put into our cars and 5% more come from the non-electric powering of our homes – oil, natural gas or coal for heat and cooking, gasoline for mowing lawns, etc.

That’s a whopping 44% of emissions we could eliminate if everyone just focused on TWO things:

  1. Clean up the Generation of Electricity
  2. Electrify Everything

All the technology already exists. Electric cars, electric induction stoves, electric heat pumps, electric lawnmowers, electric everything. All powered by solar panels on the roof.

This website is dedicated to exploring exactly what that would look like in real life. I'm in the process of transitioning my own home to 100% electric and I want to share with you what I learn from the experience.

Will it cost more, less or about the same as my current fossil fuel-burning lifestyle? Will it improve or lower my quality of life? Will it be an easy transition or a real pain in the neck?

Join me as I find out, learn from my mistakes, and let me guide you on an all-electric journey of your own.

You've got a planet to save and I'm here to help.

Inside the House

From how you heat your home to how you cook, and even how you dry your clothes, the inside of your house offers several opportunities to reduce emissions by Switching to Electric. Here we’ll explore the many ways your house can reduce its carbon footprint.

In the Garden

Garden tools like lawnmowers, leaf blowers and chain saws burn more fossil fuels than most homeowners realize, and often aren’t subject to the same emissions standards as the more common internal combustion engines found in cars.

On the Driveway

Never has the allure of electric vehicles been stronger, with at least two-thirds of Americans being open to the idea of owning one. So EVs represent the quickest and easiest way of making a really big dent in your emissions by Switching to Electric.



On the Roof

Of course, Switching to Electric is only beneficial if the source of that electricity is green energy. By far the best way for an average homeowner to generate clean power is with rooftop solar. Here we’ll explore what it takes to go that route.

Crunching the Numbers

Naturally there are financial implications to every one of these proposed changes. But there are also costs associated with not making the switch. There are also tax incentives and utility rebates that vary from state-to-state. Here’s where we crunch the numbers on all of that.

Our Electric Journey

We’re in the processes of switching our own home to electric. Join us on our journey as we learn what it takes and plan out, budget and pay for the upgrades that are needed to make that switch.
Switching to Electric

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